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My cloth dolls

Second page of my cloth dolls. You can also see progress pictures and more dolls I have created from my picture trail site. The picture trail can be accessed from this link, pollywoggle

tiny litho doll

This is a tiny doll I made from a pattern I designed using an antique lithograph doll.The pattern is two pieces with many darts. The face is hand painted. She has been traded to a new home. I received a wonderful child sized doll made by Kate Erbach which is constantly getting new clothes from the thrift stores.

Maggie Bessie repro

This is another reproduction Maggie Bessie doll made from my Bradley Justice pattern. Oil painted.




memory box doll


Doll made from a Barbara Willis pattern for my mother. Inside the box (which closes and hides under the skirt)are articles from my great grandmother given to my mother when she was 16.


Varie doll

This is my Japanese Varie Doll made from felt. Her face is embroidered. She was a gift to my sister because she looks so much like her daughter Tiffany.

rabbit doll

Made at an Akira Blount workshop at John C Campbell Folk School.
not for sale


rabbits sitting

Dolls sit together as well. The group is called "Priority".The father rabbit has a ledger book which he puts aside in order to spend time with his child.


Dolly dingle

This is my favorite Dolly Dingle so far. I like her shorter hair. She is a little Red Riding Hood doll and her entire outfit was made to look like a vintage Dolly Dingle paper doll postcard with Red Riding hood cape and all. (Cape is not shown)

Mary Englebrieght

Sweet doll made from an old Better Homes and Gardens pattern. She was designed after a Mary Englebriegt illustration. I painted the face using a modern Mary Englebreight doll for inspiration.

Land O Sky doll

New design for a souvenier doll for an event to take place in 2009

.sunflower doll
Here is a pattern I made from Kate Erbach. Her pattern is called Etta Mae and can be found on the Doll Journey website. I turned her into a sunflower doll.



daffodill doll"
A friend like her so well she made a Daffodil doll. I am thinking of making a different pattern for different kinds of flower dolls now.



Reproduction Maggie Bessie Doll

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