Welcome to my Dolly page. Here you will get to see some of my favorite
antique and vintage dolls that I have collected.
Some I have restored having received in different conditions. I cannot post all of my favorite dolls here as I have sold some. But for now, this is what I have available for show.
I will continue to post more as they are restored and ready for their glamour shots.
To see a larger picture just click on the image. You might need to have pop ups enabled to see the larger pictures. If you see something you would like to purchase just let me know. Some are for sale and some are not. But that could change.

The links below will take you to the other doll pages where you will see dolls that I love to collect, restore and make.

The Doll Showcase
armand marseille doll - click here to view larger picture

Armand Marseille 362
Original clothes.
1 shoe.
12 inches.
Tiny Tears by American Character

American Character
Tiny Tears - 12"
Handmade outfit by
Cindy Ribet

E.I.H (Horsman) composition doll
(in highchair)
Original outfit.
12 inches.

Nancy Ann Story book doll

Kerr and Heinz Doll
Painted Bisque- Original Dress, slip and pantaloons.
Crocheted hat and purse by
Cindy Ribet





Armand Marseille 390 doll with little composition Horsman Art doll

Armand Marseille 390 24" dolly
Original Mohair wig,
15 piece comp body
shoes and socks, pantaloons and slip.
Redressed in outfit made by
Dr Re' ( Irene Sjorstrom)

The little dolly beside her is an all original composition Horsman Art Doll with hang tag.

Dy Dee Baby doll

Effanbee Dy Dee Doll - 24"
Beautiful rubber body
Caracul wig.
Original bonnet and bloomers.
Redressed in typical vintage baby wear.
(This sweetie has been adopted)



Juno Metal Head Doll

German Metal Head Doll - Juno
Karl Standfuss
Face has some paint flaking
which has been repainted.
Gussetted Leather body with
parian hands ( restored) and
brown cloth stocking legs.
All original outfit with
leather shoes- one is being repaired
so they are not shown

My Child doll

Vintage My Child doll.
Rewigged and redressed by Cindy Ribet
For her Daughter April.




This is a picture of two Horsman compostition baby dolls. The one on the left is Tynie Baby with her original gown, slip and t-shirt. I had to repair some compo on her head and hands and touch up a few paint splotches on her face. Her gown was brown when I got it. It came out beautiful.
The baby on the right is a Dimples baby doll. She had been repainted when I got her, but she looked much better with some rosey coloring on her face and hands.
I got them both on ebay. My Horsman collection is growing.

Ann Shirley and Cissy

This is an Effanbee Ann Shirley girl on the left with an original outfit all the way to the undies. This is not her original wig. Beside her is an Alexander Cissy Doll with original dress. I had to reattach her head, clean her up and re-do her "do". I was SO happy to find her in a box of dolls at an auction. I won her, a Chatty Cathy, and a few other dolls for $48.00!

no name comp girl

I love this little no-name composition girl. I think she is just loverly! I hvae not even cleaned her or her outfit yet. But when I do I think I want to make her a whole wardrobe and a trunk all her own. She has such a pretty face.

EIH momma crier

This is one of my first horsman dolls. She is a momma crier with a cloth body and composition head, arms and legs. I cleaned her and worked on her mohair wig. My friend Dr. Re', the doll doctor, showed me how to reset her eyes. ( She did all the work) and I added new eyelashes on one of the eyes. I altered the dress from a vintage baby dress that had never been used.

Ginny types

These are my Ginny type dolls. The one in the back with the white dress is a Vogue Ginny in original outfit except the hat is not hers. The one in the front is a Muffie doll. In fact, she has on Ginny shoes. The one in the back left is either a Virga Pam or a Lollipop. The tiny little babe on the right was made and dressed by Dr. Re' and is porcelain.

nancy anns

These are a few of my Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls. The one in the middle has temporay curly hair. I kind of like her that way.

Cloth dolls

This trio of babes are cloth dolls made by me. I am having such fun making them! The one in the back is aball- jointed body Bleuette in cloth. I got started by taking an internet class at Doll Net. You can go to my cloth doll page by clicking the "Pollywoggle" link at the top of the page.


xnow lady

This is my first cloth doll challenge. I made this for the Doll Crafters Magazine Challenge. I won first place in the "Winter Category"!

Harriet Hubbard Ayer

This is an Ideal Harriet Hubbard Ayer. She is the cousin to Toni. Toni had hair that you could curl. Harriet had makeup and fingernail polish. This is her original outfit.

This is Tiny Tears baby. When I got her she was terrible. Her legs were in pieces and one arm was off. I repaired her and she is getting ready to go to a new home. You can hardly tell she was ever in such disrepair.

Pollywoggle Lane
Cindy's cloth dolls