Cindy Ribet's Gourd Art

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Here you will find gourd products I have made throughout the years. Some I sold at shows and some were gifts. I still have a few and always have something in the back of mind to paint or make for the next time I sit down ready to do more gourd art.


tiny litho doll

Egg Gourd Birdhouse

Maggie Bessie repro

Handpainted Egg Gourd Christmas ornament




memory box doll


Fantasy doll made from Gourds and handpainted.


Varie doll

Hand painted gourd oil lamp.

Won 2nd place ribbon State Gourd Festival 2005

rabbit doll

Seagrass gourd bowl.

Won third place NC State Gourd Festival 2005


rabbits sitting

Leather died Gourd oil lamp


Dolly dingle

Carved and painted goud bowl.

Mary Englebrieght

Large hand painted gourd bowl.

Won second place at NC State Gourd festival.

Land O Sky doll

Gourd bowl with pine needle embelishments.


gourd doll

Hand painted Gourd doll with sculpted paper clay, mohair and cloth accessories.


Gourd fantasy creation, Mother and Child

Won 1st place ribbon at 2008 NC STate Fair


Egg gourd Christmas ornament.

Won 1st place ribbon at NC State Fair.


Created for the Christmas Shows

I prefer that my gourds have some of the natural wood color and texture showing. The snowman's vest is the natural gourd unpainted.
singing ladies
I made quite a few singing ladies this year. I added paper clay to the tops to look like hats since some of the gourds were rather pointed. And I added paper clay for ears on a few. Their dreses are then natural unpainted gourd.
three gourds
Santa Gourd
This Santa is a giant gourd. He is not done yet. But I think he is a keeper.
Santa from the side.

Here is Santa from the side.

When Santa was done he won Blue Ribbon at the NC State Fair in the Christmas Decorative Painting category. I was very proud since I was unsure if painting on a gourd was acceptable. I guess it was.