This is Devin when I received her.
I knew that she had great potential!

This is Devin after her bath, her hair styling and redressing.

I won Devin on ebay. I really wanted a red haired girl with longer hair. Her hair is so pretty! I also had to fix a saggy chin. But you can not tell that there was ever anything wrong with it now.
Devin is quiet and rather "fru-fru". She likes lace and frills and sitting nicely to have books read to her.
Her favorite color is green and she loves the story of Beauty and the Beast.
I don't see how I could ever part with this little lady!

Allissa's before picture

Allissa's after picture

This is baby Allissa. She came looking like this. No too bad. I had to give her a bath and wash and redo her hair and makeup.

Allissa never had a chance for me to make her her own outfit. A young lady at my church fell in love with one of the dolls I was working on and I allowed her to pick from three dolls to purchase one for her own.

She chose Allisa. She takes very good care of her. Every dolly needs a little girl to love her.

Victoria's before picture

Victoria's after picture
Victoria came to me pretty clean and just needing a light bath. But her hair took a VERY long time to wash and repart. She is a precious top knot girl. These seem to be easier to find. She had a lot of loose skin under her chin and so I nipped and tucked. Her dress is just one from another doll at this time. As soon as I make her one of her own she will have her picture made again. She loves "My Little Ponies" and she has her own Hansel and Gretel book.
I don't have a before picture of this little guy. I bought him at a flee market in Boone, NC. He was wearing only a pamper and the only place that wasnt a dark dirty gray was under the pamper. As you can see he cleaned up beautifully. His makeup is original.
After a good bath and a hair combing I had to make him some clothes. And since fall was coming it had to be something warm because he loves to play outside. He has little brown jeans and a cap to match. And of course every little boy loves camo- so he had to have a camo jacket. I even made his shoes. He was adopted to a loving family in England. I miss him.

Isabella before.
She had a really bad haircut

Isabella After.
A beautiful Christmas present for April.
Isabella was a sad little thing. But she cleaned up well. Had a chin lift and makeup retouch. I was going to reroot her, but decided on a wig instead.
She became the surprise dolly for my daughter April for Christmas. She had wanted an ultra long haired My child. This is as close as I could afford at the time. Her outfit was so much fun to make. Even her shoe strings match her bows and dress. Her hat is orange print on the top and can be reversed.