You just can't get any sweeter than little Annie

This is little Annie. I don't have her before picture.She came to me very dirty, with moth holes, a very wobbly head and with her ponytails cut very uneven to where they would not all fit in a holder.



I decided to use her for spare parts and experimentations and took her head off. But after experimenting on a cleaner for her face she came out so pretty I decided to fix her up.
I replaced her head which then had no wobbles. I sewed up the tiny moth holes and you can hardly find the places now.

I redid her makeup and gave her a "baby-do". Her hair is longer than the boys but shorter than the top-knot girls. I curled it and made this repro abc dress especially to suit her. She is wearing her new yellow sneakers.

Because she is still a "baby" she doesnt know her colors yet but yellow and pink look beautiful on her. She knows that she loves being held and playing with the other children.

This is Tomi Lynn's before picture

Tomi Lynn's after picture
Tomi Lynn was not so bad when I first got her. She did need to be cleaned lightly but her hair was really frizzy and a mess. Her dress also needed a good cleaning.
This is little Tomi Lynn now. She is wearing her same original ducky dress all cleaned and pressed with new panties. She has a new little bracelet with her name on it and new original My Child shoes.
Her favorite doll and TV show is Dora the Explorer. Her favorite color is purple. And she wants a purple backpack like Dora's.

Little Tucker before picture

Tucker's After Picture
Tucker was one of two babies. The other baby was Penny.
Tucker was not bad but his hair had been cut some.
Tucker got a bath and his makeup retouched. Then his hair was trimmed just enough to make it even. He also got a new outfit made especially to fit him. All that is left for Tucker is to get his new hat. He will also need just a little surgery under his chin. But it won't hurt!

We like his pants legs rolled up in the summer and it shows off his little brown tennis shoes.

Tucker's favorite color is red and he loves to go fishing. His best friends are Micah and Penny.

I do not have a before picture of Fiona. I purchased her from another My Child collector who did not have the time to restore her. she had a chin repair but I took it out and redid it. I french braided her hair and repaired and embellished the little dress. She has been adopted out to a loving family in New York.
Sweet Little Fiona


Hannah does not have a before picture. She is a top-knot girl but I liked her better with her hair down.

She has on an original My Child smocking dress also called the party dress. She is a fru fru little lady and always wants to show off her bows and jewelry. She has her little charm bracelet on. And her favorite toy is her mauvey kitty.

This is Micah's Before Picture

Micah's After Picture
This is Micah. He has beautiful soft blonde hair. He has his original ducky overalls. He needed a bath and a shirt. I redid his makeup lightly ( he is a boy after all!). He also needed the scratches in his eyes fixed. I had found the perfect fixer for that.. I had an original My Child shirt with the button from another doll. Micah is now dressed in all original clothes except of course for the shoes. Had to have high top tennis shoes!
His favorite color is blue. His best friend is Tucker. And he gets along well with Marshall. Micah is waiting for a hat as well as is Tucker.