This is Marshall. I won him on ebay as well. He was supposed to be MIB. Although it did say he had been removed from his box for display. When he came he was missing his little hat. He did have his brush and comb in the box as well as the little booklet that is fun to look at with the different My Child dolls.

He is a very shy boy. For some reason he would rather sit and play with his "Ty" bear than play with the girls. Go Figure!

I have some better pictures that will soon be coming up.


Leanna's before picture

Leanna's after picture

This is the baby that got me into big trouble!

This is the first doll I bid on for my daughter's 24th birthday in April 2005. She had been wanting one like she had when she was little but we couldnt find one like that right away so we got this precious little girl.

I spent 5 hours fixing up her hair the way it was supposed to be originally. I made this little dress from material that I had made my daughter a summer shirt from. The little shoes she is wearing are brown tennis shoes that I made. I thought blue would look better, but you know how children are...they have a mind of their own and April ( my daughter) just thought the brown ones were so adorable.

Allissa's before picture

Allissa's after picture

This is baby Allissa. She came looking like this. No too bad. I had to give her a bath and wash and redo her hair and makeup.

Allissa never had a chance for me to make her her own outfit. A young lady at my church fell in love with one of the dolls I was working on and I allowed her to pick from three dolls to purchase one for her own.

She chose Allisa. She takes very good care of her. Every dolly needs a little girl to love her.

Victoria's before picture

Victoria's after picture
Victoria came to me pretty clean and just needing a light bath. But her hair took a VERY long time to wash and repart. She is a precious top knot girl. These seem to be easier to find. She had a lot of loose skin under her chin and so I nipped and tucked. Victoria is all spruced up in her new dress made just for her. She even has a little bead and charm necklace. She is wearing Cabbie shoes but they match well. She is a somber child. But always loving. She will never ask to be put down when you hold her.