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Prices now are comparable to CD Baby and iTunes where you can also purchase the individual tracks.

You can now purchase Cindy's music as CDs or as individual MP3 downloads.
Check out where. Purchase Cindy's Music


Cindy is a singer, songwriter and musician whose main instruments includes the hammered dulcimer, fiddle, recorders and guitar. Coming from a childhood steeped in Traditional, Bluegrass and Gospel music, she has been singing and performing most of her life.

Cindy has won numerous awards for her poetry and songs as well as many awards for Hammered Dulcimer competitions.  She has been playing the hammered dulcimer since 1987.  Her effervescent enthusiasm is evident when she plays and teaches and is highly contagious.

Besides performing for weddings and other special events she teaches hammered dulcimer, guitar and fiddle privately and in workshops and festivals. The schedule link will take you to a list of both teaching and performing schedules.

If you are interested in booking Cindy as a workshop teacher or are planning on taking one of her classes check out the portfolio link for a list of subjects pertaining to the Hammered Dulcimer or other subjects that she teaches.

Cindy also has an educational based performance which she gives using the instruments mentioned above plus more. The performance consists of a short history and explanation of the instruments as well as a demonstration. The performance also includes singing and audience participation. This is a well recieved and very fun performance that is suitable for all ages. It has worked very well for all types of gatherings.

Are you interested in purchasing Cindy's recordings?

Cindy has recorded 7 albums, 5 of which are available on CD.   These are listed on the recordings page which can also be reached from the store link.  The CDs may be purchased using a printable order form or by using your paypal account.
You may also find downloadable MP3s as individual tracks or as entire CDs at different internet music stores (including iTunes). Try CDbaby.com, and Soundclick.com for immediate purchase. Or, you may contact her for more info on how to obtain any of her recordings by emailing her at CRibet@frontier.com

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As an artist and crafts person Cindy Ribet loves rubberstamping, sewing, painting, gourd art and cloth doll artistry as well as many other crafts. She has taught beginners sewing classes and craft classes in her home for the love of teaching and crafting and as part of a "small group" outreach ministry with her church, Christian Assembly Church of Durham.

Cindy also does graphic art and photo editing. She designs and duplicates CD covers as well as posters and fliers for musicians and other graphic or photo editing projects. She enjoys photo editing and other forms of digital art which she turns into greeting cards, T-Shirts or other art forms. If you are interested in seeing some of the work she has done click on the Art Attack link.

As part of her love for digital art and rubber stamping Cindy has now developed a site dedicated to 'digital stamps' which is basically digital art for use in crafts. If you are interested in seeing her site for digital stamps click here Digi Art

You can also view and purchase graphic art and craft projects from the store.

Gourds are one of her favorite mediums for creating art and she has won a considerable amount of ribbons for her gourd art. If you would like to see some of her work click here - GOURDS. This will open a page independent of cindyribet.com. So to get back to this page just click out of the gourd window.


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One of Cindy's many hobbies is restoring and collecting antique and vintage dolls. She also makes dolls using cloth and various other mediums including gourds, plaster and wood putty. Cindy has won state, national and international challenges (competitions) with her dolls. Some of her dolls are for sale or special orders.
She has also created a site where you can order her original doll patterns. To get there please click here.. Pollywoggle Lane
Clicking the doll link below will take you to her pages of handmade dolls.
Cindy's Dolls

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